When life unravels – believe

Thank you again for your interest in us and for the special role you play in our ministry. We feel very supported and encouraged.Yesterday I received a text message from one of my granddaughters who was feeling the weight of some issues in her l ife. Among other things, I told her that when I’m faced with a difficult situation I like to ask myself what God might have for me in the middle of it.

Sounds simple; but I’ve learned that despite my good intentions, my first thought is not always to think about what God wants me to learn in the middle of a difficult situation.

My granddaughter’s reply was “Wow. That’s really good advice! Thank you so much Grandma!” But with her response, I was reminded that now would also be a good time for me to take my own advice. And the word “Believe” came to mind.

Each January, I identify a “word for the year” – a sort of annual theme for myself. I type the word at the top of my annual planning document and create a screen saver to keep the word top of mind. It’s surprising how relevant that word becomes as the year unfolds. And 2011 is certainly no exception.

This year my word is “Believe” and when I look at the events of the past months I realize that being able to “believe” is vital. For me, it means believing:

  – That needs will be met

  – That God’s timing is perfect – even with the loss of Donna’s husband Max

– That there’s a reason for the rash of health issues that my otherwise healthy husband has experienced this year

– That Grandma’s Fingerprint will successfully launch and reach beyond my expectations

– That Donna’s fall two weeks ago will be used for good (she broke her ankle and shoulder which required surgery and now demands an extended season to heal)

– That my children and grandchildren will grow in the midst of life’s challenges

– That Donna and I can trust God with our ministry as we adjust to ongoing changes and new realities

Do you identify with one or more of these life situations? Or are there other issues that you face? What do you believe in the middle of them? As for me, I believe that God is ultimately in control and, yes, He does have something to teach me. I just need to be willing to listen.

We were so blessed by the people we met on our Alberta and Saskatchewan trip last month. A special thank you to those who provided warm hospitality along the way.