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The Great Discovery

As many of you know, part of my (Ann) annual planning includes identifying a word for the coming year – one single word that becomes a sort of theme for me. And it’s surprising how relevant that word becomes as the year unfolds. When I look back on the words of the past number of […]

When life unravels – believe

Thank you again for your interest in us and for the special role you play in our ministry. We feel very supported and encouraged.Yesterday I received a text message from one of my granddaughters who was feeling the weight of some issues in her l ife. Among other things, I told her that when I’m […]

Avoiding barriers to a healthy relationship – Part 2 of 2

After the unexpected detours that Donna and I have experienced over these past three months, we’re ready to complete our article on avoiding barriers. In the May issue of Fingerprint, we talked about the situational issues that can create barriers to a healthy relationship. In this issue, we’ll look at relational issues. While the former […]

Adjusting to new realities

Over the past two months, the two of us have experienced major events that affect both our personal lives and our ministry life. Our present reality is now one of adjusting to new realities and, as friends and supporters of Fingerprint Ministries, we believe you would want to know a little about it. Therefore, this […]

Avoiding barriers to a healthy relationship

I’ve been thinking about what causes a healthy mentoring relationship to fragment and fall apart. And that led me to consider what causes barriers in any relationship. Think about it. What creates a wall in your own personal relationships – whether with your spouse or child/grandchild, or a friend? In this, and the next issue […]