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Grandparents leave fingerprints too

When I received a call from our son to say that his nine-year-old daughter had placed second in a one-mile, cross-country race that involved 125 girls from 23 schools, I was excited for her. Okay – I was proud!! I wasn’t at the race to yell from the sidelines but you can bet that I […]

Defying Expectations

A number of years ago, my husband and I were out for a walk when the subject of expectations came up. We were frustrated about two things. One — what seemed like unrealistic expectations that people were putting on us. And — two — the failure of co-workers to meet our expectations on a job […]

Be Doing What Makes a Difference

Off and on, I ask myself whether or not the “doing” and “being” sides of my life are balanced. On the one hand, I like to be involved in planning, strategizing and juggling different activities. I also enjoy helping others think through where they’re going and help them work out how to accomplish their vision […]

Living Intentionally in 2011

Check out a planning tool that really works. I’ve used it for a number of years, and many others that I’ve coached have said that it has made a difference in their lives. Even my son-in-law Sherman Hu says, “Without my mom-in-law working with me to determine my values and helping me through this yearly […]

Mentoring through the shadow

Each breath was a gift as Donna’s husband lay in the Cardiac Care Unit of the hospital, connected by tubes and wires to machines that beeped and churned. It had been less that 24 hours since the ambulance rushed Max to the ER while Donna and I raced home from Seattle. As we stood with […]