Grandma’s Fingerprint

Can a grandparent really make a difference in a child’s life?

Is there any way to truly influence the next generation for good?

Read this book and you’ll know that the answer is a resounding yes.

Grandma’s Fingerprint is the poignant, gripping story of one woman’s faith, courage, strength, and love in the midst of heartbreaking circumstances. By word and example, along with sacrificial love, she changed the life of the author, her granddaughter, and influenced future generations for good.

Readers will get to know Grandma and one little girl who could have gone adrift in a tragic family situation. Instead, she became a faith-filled and secure woman, an influential leader, and a loving wife, mother, and grandma – because of her grandma’s love.

This inspiring book offers encouragement and hope and is a timeless example of the vital role that grandparents can play.

“This is the perfect book for any grandma, grandma wannabe, or grandma who finds herself raising her grandchildren – who wants or needs to understand the critical role she can play in the lives of future generations. You won’t want to put down this tribute to a great woman who saw herself as just someone doing what she needed to do and making the best of even the worst situations.”
– Barbara Mang Kois, author, co-author of five books and more than 600 articles in the Chicago Tribune.
Grandma’s Fingerprint is currently available in paper and ink form only. E-book format will be available in March 2012.