Grandparents leave fingerprints too

When I received a call from our son to say that his nine-year-old daughter had placed second in a one-mile, cross-country race that involved 125 girls from 23 schools, I was excited for her. Okay – I was proud!! I wasn’t at the race to yell from the sidelines but you can bet that I let her know on the phone how proud I was of her.

Remember when someone cheered you on? How did their words or actions affect you?

Now translate that to your grandchildren, or children who don’t have a grandparent or one living nearby. What difference would it make in their lives if they knew you were in their corner, cheering them on?

You may have limited resources for gifts or the ability to travel to your grandchildren. Or you may have health challenges that keep you from being active with them. Or you may have difficulty expressing yourself. But you can still be their champion.

Whether you live in the same house, or across the country, or around the world from a child in your life, there are many ways you can instill confidence in them. How about a handwritten note or card. Or a timely phone call or text message. Or an encouraging email or Facebook message. Or simply a look that says, “I love you.” The possibilities are many.

What action or step can you take this week to encourage a child – whether they are related to you or not?

Chime in below about how you champion the children in your life.