Mentoring is more than a program but…

We’ve recently received requests from various groups asking for advice about formal mentoring programs. This has prompted us to look at how we might be able to support those of you who manage a formal program or would like to start one.

While the premise of our book, A Mentor’s Fingerprint, is that we all mentor everyday – whether we realize it or not, we also recognize that mentoring can take place within a program. And that mentoring programs play a major role in many churches, businesses, and community organizations. It’s widespread.

One article I received in my email in-box recently stressed that “Teacher Mentoring…is a critical topic in education today and a favored strategy in U.S. Policy initiatives focused on teacher induction.” However, it also states that “enthusiasm for mentoring has not been matched by clarity about the purposes of mentoring.”

Another article titled The Need for Mentoring in Today’s Church: An Appeal To The Older Generations lends credibility to what we’re hearing a lot – that there is substantial desire, among the under-35 crowd, to be mentored by someone older and more experienced.

A third article focuses on helping skilled Canadian immigrants integrate into the labor market and stated that “Mentoring is a deliberate and sustained strategy to create and facilitate new networks for recent skilled immigrants in their fields of expertise.”

While we believe that mentoring is a lifestyle and that we all mentor everyday and are mentored everyday, we also recognize the need for formal mentoring – whether it is undertaken by individuals to meet their personal needs and objectives or takes place within a program that benefits a specific group of people. Therefore, we are looking at what materials and information we could provide on our website to help you organize and manage a formal program. But we would like your input.

Here is a quick survey of multiple-choice questions. Your responses will help us further determine the extent of the need for mentoring program tools and materials, and help us know what resources to offer on our website to help you in planning and managing a formal mentoring program.

Click here to take short survey. Thank you in advance for your participation.