Download this useful tool for your personal annual planning

Annual Review and Vision Planning Tool

A number of years ago, one of my mentors introduced me to a review and vision planning process that I refined and continue to put into practice yearly. It helps me focus, live more intentionally, and balance the different areas of my life.

As I’ve also coached others through the exercises, they’ve said that what they learned and implemented made a difference in their lives. Even my son-in-law Sherman Hu says, “Without my mom-in-law working with me to determine my values and helping me through this yearly review and planning document, I’d still be unfocused.”

I’ve seen this process work for individuals, for husbands and wives, and for business and ministry teams who first go through the process on their own and then share all or part of their work with each other. It helps couples and partners to be on the same page, to talk through differences that could cause conflict, and to keep each other accountable if they agree to that. It also sets a good life-style example for others and, as you use it yourself, you could have opportunity to use it as a mentoring tool.