The Great Discovery

As many of you know, part of my (Ann) annual planning includes identifying a word for the coming year – one single word that becomes a sort of theme for me. And it’s surprising how relevant that word becomes as the year unfolds.

When I look back on the words of the past number of years, I see a person on a journey. But isn’t that the way it is – we all are on a journey. What we do on that journey, and what we believe, makes a difference to what we experience. Action + Belief = Experience.

Over the years, I’ve had words like foundation, focus, impact, surrender, faith, and courage. At the beginning of each year I have no idea what significant learning will come from each word. But by the end of the year it is quite evident. And “the word” with its lessons and experiences, builds on the others.

In 2011, my word was “Believe.” At the beginning of the year it didn’t make sense why that word was so important. But as the year wore on “Believe” came up against challenge after challenge and I found myself asking, “Okay God, what do you want me to believe you for in this?”

For 2012, my word is “Discovery.” I can’t imagine what God will teach me through this one but my eyes are wide open with anticipation and I look forward to sharing some of my discoveries with you in future issues of Fingerprint.