Three cheers for Bunny

Recently, I was asked about the significance of the bunny in the video created with some of the photos taken at the official launch of our book, “A Mentor’s Fingerprint.” (If you haven’t seen the video, check it out at the end of the blog entry titled “Prepare for take-off”)

My response illustrates the value of family and the mentoring role that they play in our lives.

When we signed a contract with our publisher on May 2, 2009, my daughter, Sarah, and family went to Build-A-Bear and created Bunny for me as a gift. That in itself is fun but what makes it really special is two-fold.

1. When I push her chest, and let go but keep my hand there, I feel her heartbeat.

2. The family recorded a message and had it inserted into her hand/paw so that when I press on it I hear Sarah, her husband, and children say, “We love you, Grandma.” Then Sarah adds a phrase in a voice that only she seems to be able to do – “You can do it!”

Over this past year, when I felt frustrated or down about the writing and editing process, one thing that encouraged me was when I pressed Bunny’s paw and heard my family say, “We love you, Grandma. You can do it!” It always put a smile on my face.

It seemed appropriate to have Bunny with us at the launch. When everyone heard the recording, it put a smile on their faces too.

How does your family put a smile on your face? What tangible way have you recently come alongside a family member to encourage him or her?